MARY's secret ingredients


Every year, thousands of exciting new food ingredients and products are introduced across the U.S. If you are a foodie who loves to both cook and eat, how can you possibly know about all of them? Mary is here to curate them for you!

While delighting over 32,000 followers with her food and recipe blog LOVE – the secret ingredient, Mary is on a new mission. Two, actually: To deliver her favorite ingredients packed in seasonally themed sets to your front door, and to help hungry children across the country.

As a passionate cook, Mary always looks for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations to serve to her family. In each box you’ll find mouth-watering sweet and savory products to create wonderful tasting food. Mary shares recipes to inspire, using the products from the boxes, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary ones, your family will surely love!

So turn on the stove… it’s time to discover what’s new! Only a limited  number of subscriptions are available for each season in 2016 - 2017. Order today!

We are a proud supporter of Feed The Children. No one should go hungry. 

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